Two City Xtra Staff Achieve International Sustainability Certification

Herbert Degaul- Business Process Officer

The business process officer Herbert Degaul and commercial specialist Lucy Martey have received international certification on sustainability from the leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide, ISSA sponsored by City Xtra.

The certification, which was focused on sustainability principles, underscores the growing importance of environmental, social, and government (ESG) consciousness in facility management practices.

As advocates of sustainability within the industry, this gesture demonstrates City Xtra’s leadership by embracing innovative strategies to minimize environmental impact while maximizing operational efficiency.

Reacting to this great achievement, the two, expressed their excitement and readiness to implementing what they have learnt in their line of duty and also to enhance the general operations of City Xtra.

“We are happy to have achieved this international certification on sustainability,” expressed Degaul, emphasizing the significance of integrating sustainable practices into business operations.

“This recognition shows that we are committed to driving positive change and building a culture of sustainability within our company and beyond,” he added.

Mrs. Martey echoed Degaul’s remarks, highlighting the importance of collaboration and continuous learning in advancing sustainability practices.

“The industry is improving, and  we must make every effort to catch up with other the trends to improve our operations, and sustainability is now the trend.  I am happy to achieve this certification and I want to thank City Xtra for sponsoring us and their continuous efforts to staff improvement and skill development,” she remarked.

The attainment of ISSA’s sustainability certification underscores City Xtra’s dedication to promoting environmentally responsible practices and reflects positively on the company’s commitment to sustainability, staff development and skills development.

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